Cyperus esculentus – ncɔkɔn … better than noabga

I picked up a little bag at random in the boutique by our house in Ouagadougou.  5 cents.  A nickel bag!  Absolutely delicious.

The tubers are edible, with a slightly sweet, nutty flavour, compared to the more bitter-tasting tuber of the related Cyperus rotundus purple nutsedge. They are quite hard and are generally soaked in water before they can be eaten, thus making them much softer and giving them a better texture. They are a popular snack in West Africa, where they are known as ncɔkɔn in the languages Bamanankan or Dyula.They have various uses; in particular, they are used in Spain to make horchata. “Horchata” is a nonalcoholic beverage of milky appearance derived from the tubers of the tigernut plant mixed with sugar and water. It has a great economic impact in the Valencian region of Spain.

via Cyperus esculentus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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