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Possibly the right effect of flipped classroom

As I see my kids transition to middle school and high school, and then deal with young people at my fairly elite liberal arts university, it is clear that absenteeism and “not doing homework” is a huge factor at the … Continue reading

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The future of Burkina Faso

A picture by Sanou Dounko of three youth enrolled in our “Les Jeunes du Tuy Lisent” program, where 270 youth are receiving a novel/BD every week.  The kids are still (after three months) very enthusiastic and appreciative.  The problems are … Continue reading

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100 pages of projects for South Sudan and no libraries, no books… sigh.

South Sudan, poorest place on earth, but with a LOT of aid and oil money… large swathes of public services are run by the United Nations.  Lee Crawford points to the newly issued Humanitarian Appeal for South Sudan and I … Continue reading

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Education and health and fertility in the United States

A quick glance at a paper by McCrary and Royer.  They find: 1. School entry policies have large effects on schooling at motherhood: one-fourth of young Texas mothers born after the school entry date have a year less education than … Continue reading

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