Hard to criticise without seeming a spoilsport…

I wish them luck, but nothing on the website suggests they really have any idea what they are doing other than doing something “cool”…  They claim their “digital library” will be profitable… yet the turnover in cybercafe’s (isn’t that what a “digital library” is?) is huge, and the management problems severe.  Do they know?  Do they know that half of WorldReader’s Kindle’s broke within one year?  They apparently have nothing on the ground… do they even know about Osu Children’s Library Fund?

We are building a library the likes of which the world has never seen before. It will be the first that will actively engage users as content creators, the first that will operate on a sustainable business model, and the first designed to maximize the potential of high-speed information exchange in developing markets.By backing this Kickstarter project YOU will be the first in the world to see these designs go into construction, be the first to receive original works created at the library via digital subscription, and have your name hand-written on the wall of the library to recognize your contribution to inventing the library of the future.

via LIBRII: NEW MODEL LIBRARY IN AFRICA by Architecture for Humanity DC — Kickstarter.

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