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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.

I guess Trump team is consistent about one thing: They really would rather have coal than advanced 21st century batteries

James J. Greenberger, the executive director of NAATBatt International, a trade group for the advanced battery industry, said ARPA-E had been of enormous benefit to the industry. “We’re absolutely stunned by it,” Mr. Greenberger said of the agency’s potential elimination, … Continue reading

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Great trenchant essay on reading from Hisham Matar

Nothing we read can import new or foreign feelings that we don’t, in one form or another, already possess. “Every reader,” as Marcel Proust writes in “Time Regained,” “is actually the reader of himself.” Books can’t install unknown feelings or … Continue reading

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Can students record me in class?

Turns out in many states there is only a “single party consent” needed to record a conversation, and so students could record me in class.  They are limited in what they can do, since the cannot “sell” my intellectual property. … Continue reading

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Awe-inspiring study from

People moved east to west, less so north to south. See how the differently colored clusters form distinct horizontal bands? The red, blue, purple, and green dots fan out from right to left. This pattern means DNA confirms the descendants … Continue reading

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Leading a non-profit that supports village libraries is a lot of work!

I like to share parts of my life with you, readers, but mostly I write to share stuff with my future self.  As you may know, I started back in 2001 and continue to direct a small non-profit Friends of … Continue reading

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Growing incidents and threats of jihadist violence in northern Burkina Faso

FAVL-supported  libraries in several provinces in northern Burkina Faso have had to close as the security situation has deteriorated. À cet effet, dans les provinces martyres de Soum et de l’Oudalan, la mesure semble quelque peu radicale : « La … Continue reading

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Noujain Mustaffa is the right drop of bittersweet sunshine for a cloudy day

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