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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.

Are you joking here New York Times? So what if it is James Heckman… the sample size is 37!

When the boys reached age 30, they earned an average of $19,800 more a year than those in the control group and had half a year more education. (The small sample size — 37 boys in the programs who stayed … Continue reading

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Trump’s “America First” rhetoric? William Wyler had it pegged back in 1946.

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For everyone who served on a committee that had to write a report

Bottom line? I express as gender female at the university. Gender Differences in Accepting and Receiving Requests for Tasks with Low Promotability Linda Babcock, Maria P. Recalde, Lise Vesterlund and Laurie Weingart Gender differences in task allocations may sustain vertical … Continue reading

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Maybe you studied abroad in Spain? Then you should watch El fin de ETA!

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Economic justice and basic income

Last week at our student economics discussion group we had a nice exchange about  universal basic income.  I suggested that wouldn’t everyone (right, left, libertarian and socialist) agree that in a wealthy society few would object to a program of … Continue reading

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Gregory Mankiw, tax reform, and the carbon tax

Republicans are proposing and are excited about the possibilities for a huge overhaul of the U.S. tax system.  Here is Mankiw, probably the most prominent and well-respected Republican economist in the US, in January: Consider the following tax reform: 1. … Continue reading

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I guess Trump team is consistent about one thing: They really would rather have coal than advanced 21st century batteries

James J. Greenberger, the executive director of NAATBatt International, a trade group for the advanced battery industry, said ARPA-E had been of enormous benefit to the industry. “We’re absolutely stunned by it,” Mr. Greenberger said of the agency’s potential elimination, … Continue reading

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