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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.

I loved this piece when I was 20, I still have the 7″ by Les Disques du Crepuscule: “In re don Giovanni” by Michael Nyman

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Solid Africa political overview from Steven Feldstein

Africa often brings policy surprises. Two of the most significant political moments in Africa—the street demonstrations that toppled Compaoré in Burkina Faso, and the surprisingly free and fair elections in The Gambia that ended Jammeh’s rule—were wholly unanticipated. Smart and … Continue reading

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Where Economics is going: Increasingly integrated into decision-making in a routine way, as in decisions about whether to go to jail while awaiting trial

We examine how machine learning can be used to improve and understand human decision-making. In particular, we focus on a decision that has important policy consequences. Millions of times each year, judges must decide where defendants will await trial—at home … Continue reading

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President Engh’s remarks on SCU budget shortfalls

An interesting thing happened on the way to implementing Sustaining Excellence. Our operating budget for FY17 inherited more challenges from the previous year than originally estimated. In FY16 we ended up with a $4.5 Million net operating loss — the … Continue reading

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Why can’t I listen to Sigur Ros The Nothing Song for more than two hours? Why didn’t they play it for ten hours?

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Light television viewing if you stream Netflix

I enjoyed The OA immensely, even if at times the show is unsatisfying.  It is like Netflix had carefully analyzed my viewing profile and said, “Let’s make a series that mixes Lost, Arrival, Lars von Trier, I see dead people, … Continue reading

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Kwei Quartey’s Murder at Cape Three Points

Quartey’s detective series, now in its third title, featuring Darko Dawson is pretty good.  I enjoyed Murder at Cape Three Points.  The mystery here is a double-murder that involves the nascent offshore oil industry.  Lots of nice description of Takoradi, … Continue reading

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