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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.

Urban development in Cupertino and SB 35

The organization gained another significant victory last month when Chao won a City Council seat. A second candidate backed by Better Cupertino also appears to have secured a seat by a narrow margin, pending a recount. If the results hold, … Continue reading

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My wife is good with faces, but I am pretty darn good with melodies

Leslie can see a face on television and within seconds recall (even ten years later) another show the person was on. But today I was working and listening to classical mix, and Ludovico Einaudi’s Nuvole Bianche comes on, and I … Continue reading

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Fulani arrested in Ghana over Burkina Faso ties?

The National Security led a joint security operatives to raid the community Wednesday dawn and arrested the 20 herdsmen after conducting house to house search reportedly for weapons.They were all flown in a helicopter back to the national capital, Accra, … Continue reading

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Recent reading: The Big Book of Science Fiction, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

I got this for daughter but ended up reading almost all of it before her… 1162 pages of sci-fi.  I was frankly surprised at how bad a lot (most of which I had not read) of the stories were: poor … Continue reading

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Production de livres du centre multimédia de Houndé au Burkina Faso

FAVL se veut l’un des acteurs majeurs dans la promotion de la lecture au Burkina. L’une des stratégies de l’association est de produire des livres et de les mettre à disposition des lecteurs des 34 bibliothèques de son réseau. Les … Continue reading

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Séance de discussion autour d’une bande dessinée Kouka, au Burkina Faso

Ce matin (27 novembre), le temps d’un délestage, le staff de FAVL a mené une petite discussion autour de la BD Kouka N°13 intitulée La malle du père de Bila. Cette bande dessinée est l’œuvre du RENLAC (Réseau national de … Continue reading

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Great tour of the international space station from 2016

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