The future of Burkina Faso

A picture by Sanou Dounko of three youth enrolled in our “Les Jeunes du Tuy Lisent” program, where 270 youth are receiving a novel/BD every week.  The kids are still (after three months) very enthusiastic and appreciative.  The problems are twofold: (1) we need another $10,000 the run the program through 2014 and enroll another 300 youth; (2) we don’t have enough young-adult oriented novels/BD for them to read!!!!!  We already have purchased most of the reasonable books available.   Notice the kids’ style… these are rural youth in poor villages: but they increasingly have a little bit of disposable income (thanks a lot gold price = $1300) and increasingly have access to second hand clothing… but the book market has been very slow to follow.  I love the jeans with the giant wristwatch; could I wear them while teaching at SCU?


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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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