Parody and irony taken to new levels… that the Supreme Court can decide…!

But the original is a parody of sexist music… so is this new video an un-ironic self-important humorless “parody” of a misinterpreted rap? Can you do a parody if you have no sense of humor?  Or maybe it is a  meta-ironic parody of a parody, made more parodic because it sells stuff and so in its ultimate capitalist intent a parody on non-capitalist social norms?

Some of our readers may be familiar with this video by San Francisco start up toymaker, GoldieBlox, which recently went viral. The company develops science and engineering-related toys for girls. In the video several young girls build a Rube Goldberg machine to turn off a television. The soundtrack is a version of the Beastie Boys song \”Girls,\” but with new, female-positive lyrics. The Beastie Boys were not pleased about the use of their song. When the band attempted to confront GoldieBlox about use of the song, GoldieBlox rapidly filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California seeking declaratory judgment that their use of the Beastie Boys song was parody, and accordingly fair use, not copyright infringement.

via Art and Artifice: “Girls” Parody or Just Infringement?.

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