Is it sarcasm or irony when you nastily make fun of people who want to profit (financially, and morally) from not being mean?

Finally, in an online world of gratuitous snark, one courageous editor has displayed the vision to give thumbs down to thumbs down. You read that right: no negative reviews.  “Why waste breath talking smack about something?” the recently hired book editor Isaac Fitzgerald [at BuzzFeed ] rhetorically wondered in an interview with the Poynter Institute. “You see it in so many old media-type places, the scathing takedown rip.” Yeah, that. Not just the smart-aleck Gawker crowd — those too-cool-for-school types who think a potty-mouth crack-using mayor in Canada is somehow a natural object of ridicule — but the entire mob of vandals: Harold Bloom. Margaret Atwood. Umberto Eco. Don Rickles. Saddam Hussein. So superior, the whole lot of them.

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