Reporting on IFLA conference in Lyon

An extract…

In the afternoon I went to the Africa section panel on libraries in Africa. Some very interesting talks. For me the presenters on francophone Africa were of course of most interest. Eliane Lallemand from Lire en Afrique, who is doing very similar work to FAVL, but in Senegal. Louise Balock gave an interesting overview of libraries in Cameroon, and also later Charles Kamdem Poeghela on the CLAC de Yaounde. There was Stephane Sanon, from Universite d”Abomey-Calavi on Fondation Zinsou’s small library project in Cotonou. The common thread of all the country presentations is that government is doing very little to promote reading, and so non-profit organisations, often operated by volunteers like FAVL! are filling the gap. It was inspiring but also depressing to hear the same thing in country after country.

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