Trustees ignoring faculty? Nah, why would they do that?

But a restive faculty [at Catholic University] has made it clear that not everyone is satisfied with his tenure. In May, at the beginning of a scheduled performance review, 42 full professors wrote a letter to the board that raised complaints about his leadership. Last month, weeks before the vote, more than 70 percent of faculty members who responded to an informal survey “strongly agreed” that Mr. Garvey should not stay on as chief.”We don’t have any personal animosity, but we worry about the future of the university,” said a professor who responded to the survey. “He may not be the right person to lead us into the future.”The informal poll was taken after the Board of Trustees surveyed faculty, staff, and students about Mr. Garvey’s performance. Faculty members felt the board’s solicitation of feedback didn’t “get to the heart of the matter,” so they created a survey their own. Both documents were passed on to the board, according to John C. McCarthy, dean of the School of Philosophy, who was one of two academic administrators on the presidential-review committee. Nevertheless, Mr. Garvey was reappointed.

via As a President Gets 5 More Years, a Faculty Gets Nervous – Leadership & Governance – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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