Negotiating all night #burkina #lwili

Now is when it gets Borgia-like, right?  Everyone has known for years that the slow but steady growth of Burkina Faso for last 15 years could vanish in a puff of smoke and a lot of broken windows, in three days of rioting.  I hope so much that Burkina doesn’t go down the Mali/Guinea/Cote d’Ivoire/Liberia/Sierra Leone/Guinea-Bissau/Togo route.  Hmm… what are the odds?  Well, Burkina Faso has reasonably good “traditional” institutions, has a well-deserved reputation for ethnic and religious tolerance, has an optimistic youth population, and has a lot of friendly donor countries.  So maybe things will come out OK.

PS.  Just for the record.  It has been a good rainfall year.  October-Nov is not a “hot” month in Ouagadougou.  Rain and heat did not cause this popular uprising.  Clear?

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