What is going on in Burkina Faso after the popular uprising?

Three groups (army, opposition, and ex-majority CDP) are preparing documents for the transition to a return to democracy and constitutionalism.  They are very focused on the nature of the personality of the presidency. Surprisingly bad choice for opposition which agrees with the mantra “strong institutions not strong men.”  I would guess that more time is spent thinking about WHO  than about how to craft institutions.  The discussions among the groups are to take place this week.  There is no roadmap for how to go from current unconstitutional rule to the transitional rule.  All parties are appealing to good will.

Meanwhile, Colonel Zida and the army have issued decrees for a return to work in a pseudo-constitutional setting.  The problem is that state institutions have to continue to function (e.g. municipal government, schools, tax collection) and yet in a legal sense they are not capable of acting since the constitutional was suspended.  It is not clear what happened to the ministers, for example, since ex-President Compaoré officially dissolved his government.

So things are moving long in an orderly way.  Good so far.

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