Burkina Faso government suspends CDP and ADF-RDA

I hope in coming days there will be more clarification of exactly what the basis for the suspension is.

Burkina Faso’s transitional government on Monday suspended the party of deposed president Blaise Compaore and two allied political groups which had supported his attempt to cling to power….. Compaore’s Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) did not hold the three-quarters majority needed to approve the measures without a referendum.  However, days before parliament was due to debate the measures, Burkina’s third biggest party, the ADF-RDA, threw its weight behind the plan. The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Security, in a statement, accused the parties of “activities incompatible with the law creating the charter for parties and political formations.”

via Burkina Faso suspends ex-leader Compaore’s political party | Reuters.

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