First day at IFLA in Cape Town

Worked on my presentation all morning… realizing audience will probably be like 300 people…. and they strictly enforce time limits, so have to say everything in 15 min, so have to practice a dozen times…
Walked down to convention center… Capetown like a post-apocalyptic novel… Saturday afternoon, everything closed, barely a single pedestrian, cars rushing by in the misty rain, security guard in front of each building… why am I the only person walking?
Convention Center amazing and new.  Wow!  Registered in like 30 seconds.  Had a delicious (but small) Middle Eastern plate for 50 rand (about $4).  And then a cappuccino for $1.50.  I think I’ll be drinking a lot of higher end coffee drinks here; I can never justify paying $3.50 for a latte in the States.
Went to Libraries for Children and Young Adults section meeting.  Good to see some familiar faces.  Viviana Quinones as usual ran the meeting like clockwork, getting through a very long agenda right on schedule.
Walked back to hotel, now raining a bit more, but still very nice.  A note from a fellow IFLA delegate at the desk, so I got to eat dinner with librarian Christina Nell, who supervises five libraries in northern South Africa.  We went to The Africa Cafe, very nicely decorated with lively art and colors, a bit touristy, but the food was fine. They offer a fixed-price “buffet” of a variety of African food.  Music and singing by the wait-staff.  Could have been a Greek restaurant in Carmel… Opa!  All the vegetarian selections were great.  Talking library shop all evening was fun, too!

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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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