Nice article by Jeffrey Gettleman on possible corruption in Kenya

Suggests just how easy it is to make a ton of money through corruption when you have a billion dollar company basically wanting to “give” you $500,000 with no oversight.

In a contract signed several years ago, Nike agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in honorariums and a one-time $500,000 “commitment bonus,” which the former employee called a bribe. The money was supposed to be used to help train and support poor Kenyan athletes who dream of running their way out of poverty. Continue reading the main story Related Coverage Kenyan Runners Accuse Officials of Stealing From Sponsorship DealNOV. 23, 2015 Instead, it was immediately sucked out of the federation’s bank account by a handful of Kenyan officials and kept off the books.

Source: Money Given to Kenya, Since Stolen, Puts Nike in Spotlight – The New York Times

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