UC Santa Cruz to vote whether to cut NCAA program

Students wiser than administrators?  Look at the last line of the section reproduced here.

Two years ago, campus Provost Alison Galloway informed the athletics office that it would need to transition from central campus funds to a funding model that relies solely on student fees. However, in February 2015, students voted against a $351 annual fee that would have provided the UCSC Athletics Department with an estimated $3.55 million in additional funding. Now time is running out. Advertisement If the students decide against the fee this year, Scott Hernandez-Jason, UCSC director of news and media relations, said, the campus likely will wind down the intercollegiate athletics program next year, making Santa Cruz the first school in the UC system to cut its athletics department. UCSC offers NCAA Division III athletics teams in men’s and women’s basketball, cross-country, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis and volleyball; plus women’s golf and track. However, the school’s club sports programs, including baseball, rugby and badminton, would continue. Approximately 280 students, or less than 2 percent of undergraduates, participate in the NCAA program. About 900 students, or 5.5 percent of undergraduates, play club sports.

Source: UC Santa Cruz to vote whether to cut NCAA program – San Jose Mercury News

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