Is there a good way to download the coordinates of a path or route on google map into a file?

The folks at stackoverflow just dismissed this question. But is an honest and useful question to have answered, for some applications.  And here is a good ttip from fentonsrule:

This is something I learned on my own. If you create a path, it shows up under places on the left side of your screen. If you will select that path on the left side (mine highlights blue), perform a ctrl c to copy data to the clipboard, open excel or word or any text editor and perform a ctrl v to paste into the editor. All of the gps points from that route are now in the text editor. You will have to perform cleanup on the data, i.e. delete multiple lines of html (I think) that you don’t need and separate the coordinates as needed, but all of the points are there. I sincerely hope this helps as it helped me numerous times.

Source: Can I create a path and export the Lat/Lon series as a text file? – Google Product Forums

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