Fulani arrested in Ghana over Burkina Faso ties?

The National Security led a joint security operatives to raid the community Wednesday dawn and arrested the 20 herdsmen after conducting house to house search reportedly for weapons.They were all flown in a helicopter back to the national capital, Accra, and are still behind by the security.The incident has caused widespread panic and fear among the Fulani community residents and many men continue to move out, Starr News found.  Kasapa News spoke to the community leader, Afa Abukari who said those arrested were accused of committing serious crimes and already wanted suspects in neighbouring Burkina Faso, where armed militants linked to terrorist group, al- Qaeda, have been carrying sporadic attacks on public buildings and military installations.  He said soldiers and policemen came to the community with trucks, a helicopter and ordered them to stand outside and searched their rooms holding guns and weapon detectors.  The community leader confirmed that all the suspects, including the sheik, Siidi Dukere, arrived in the community two months ago and approached him to accommodate them. He explained that though he has no direct relationship with the Sheikh and had not met him, he accepted to accommodate his entourage because they his tribesmen.

Source: National Security picks up top sheikh over terrorism suspicions | General News 2018-12-02

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Recent reading: The Big Book of Science Fiction, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

I got this for daughter but ended up reading almost all of it before her… 1162 pages of sci-fi.  I was frankly surprised at how bad a lot (most of which I had not read) of the stories were: poor prose, hackneyed themes. I guess if you were 15 in the era before computers, everything seemed new and possible, and the stories were thrilling to me back in 1977. So anyway, my six favorites (excluding Ted Chiang and Robert Reed and Ursula Le Guin who were going to win anyway….) from among the writers I had not previously read):

Baby Doll by Johanna Sinisalo: I got the idea right away, but this is a brave depiction of a near future world gone completely awry with hyper-sexualization of young girls. Farfetched? Just watch youtube.

The Slynx, by Tatyana Tolstaya: I was itching for more. Reminded me of Le Guin. The style is mix of fairly tale and anthropology, where futures are in many ways like the past, for us humans, we might well end up less informed and less smart in the dystopia to come as we collectively forget science (natural and social).

The Universe of Things by Gwyneth Jones: Quiet story about a small encounter. What would we think when alien life mixes and becomes ordinary. Better than Craphound I thought, which deals with same theme.

Crying in the Rain, by Tanith Lee: Good dystopia.

Bloodchild, by Octavia Butler: This was awesome. Thrillingly careful prose in my humble opinion.

Blood Music, by Greg Bear: This one more for the idea than the prose.

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Production de livres du centre multimédia de Houndé au Burkina Faso

FAVL se veut l’un des acteurs majeurs dans la promotion de la lecture au Burkina. L’une des stratégies de l’association est de produire des livres et de les mettre à disposition des lecteurs des 34 bibliothèques de son réseau. Les récits sont recueillis auprès de talents locaux, illustrés et enfin édités par notre centre multimédia. Ces livres visent un public majoritairement composé d’enfants du primaire, suscitant ainsi chez eux le goût et la passion de la lecture.

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Séance de discussion autour d’une bande dessinée Kouka, au Burkina Faso

DiscussionIMG_0965 sm

Ce matin (27 novembre), le temps d’un délestage, le staff de FAVL a mené une petite discussion autour de la BD Kouka N°13 intitulée La malle du père de Bila. Cette bande dessinée est l’œuvre du RENLAC (Réseau national de lutte anti-corruption) qui met à nu les travers d’une société minée par ce fléau qui se comporte comme une gangrène. Kouka le personnage principal, modèle de vertu a fasciné les membres de la discussion. Mais une question se pose : combien sommes-nous aujourd’hui à pouvoir opposer un non catégorique ou encore à dénoncer toute tentative de corruption ?

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Great tour of the international space station from 2016

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Tessa Hadley’s story “Cecilia Awakened”

Daughter and I listened to Tessa Hadley: “Cecilia Awakened” on drive up from southern California. I thought it a nice meditation on “being a writer,” as the story leads up to the switch in point of view at the end to the mother. A very small story though: no drama, just an awakening, that most mundane of events, repeated daily, in different ways. Very good comments over at The Mookse and the Gripes:

Now, while on a vacation with her parents, she realizes that being set apart is not necessarily that great. Instead of their superiority, she sees their strangeness. Instead of them possessing the world, she sees they are usurpers, relatively ignorant, with a “puny” interest in art. She sees them as a “type,” and not as wonderful individuals. She realizes this is her as well, and she’s getting a sense of what this means about what’s coming down the pipeline.And so does her mom, which is why the last section, devoted entirely to her mother, is so strong. Through years of experience, her mother is a professional observer. She is not ignorant to what her daughter is feeling, which is why she can imagine it so vividly, even if she has no power to do anything else.

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The number of women in Congress hits a record high after 2018 midterm elections

By press time, at least 92 had won in the House and 10 had won in the Senate (joining 10 already in the upper chamber) for a total of 112 women — the most women to serve in Congress at once in history. (The previous record was 107.)Women also hit a series of significant milestones. Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids are the first Native American women elected to Congress. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the first Muslim women set to represent their states in the House. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Abby Finkenauer are due to be the youngest women to serve as lawmakers.

So the U.S. is now at about 20% (112 or 535)… still one of the lower percentages in the world. About there with Mauritania and Pakistan. Much more work to do for gender equality.

Source: The number of women in Congress hits a record high after 2018 midterm elections. – Vox

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