Because we all know that really expensive training programs work really well in really poor countries

The development objective of the Youth Employment and Skills Development Project for Burkina Faso is to increase access to temporary employment and skills development opportunities for out-of- school youth. The project has three components. The first component is labor intensive public works. The short-term objective of this component will be to provide immediate employment for youth with no or little education through Labor Intensive Public Works (LIPW). It will promote the participation of women by selecting activities that are supportive of women employment and reserving a percentage of the LIPW jobs specifically for women. This component will also (with third component) support the mainstreaming of LIPWs into national policies, strategies and procedures and the establishment of a permanent capacity for LIPWs in the country. The second component is skills development. This component aims to improve youth employability by offering youth with different skills levels within their first training experience. This component has following three sub-components: (1) development of initial vocational training through a dual training approach for economic sectors (sub-component 2-1 A) and establishment of a demand driven training system and provision of training (sub-component 2-1 B); (2) apprenticeship program; and (3) entrepreneurship training and provision of follow up support to entrepreneurs. The third component is institutional capacity strengthening and project management. The purpose of this component is to: (a) strengthen the capacity of private and public sector institutions to engage in an informed policy dialogue on skills and employment on a regular basis, e.g. through technical capacity strengthening and the creation of a mechanism for consultations and collaboration; and (b) improve the knowledge base on employment and youth

Can you imagine that someone actually wrote: “development of initial vocational training through a dual training approach for economic sectors…”?  Maybe time for Mr. Snark to take a break.  But seriously, youth unemployment and low skills are a big problem, but somehow I doubt that two big elephants like World Bank and GoBF are going to do very much except spend a lot of money on themselves.

via La Banque Mondiale se prépare à aider le Burkina Faso à offrir des emplois temporaires et des formations professionnelles à plus de 46 000 jeunes déscolarisés.

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