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Great reporting by Abdel Aziz Nabaloum about lack of public services in village of Koumna in Loroum #Burkina #lwili

Situé dans la commune de Ouindigui dans la province du Lorum, Koumna est un village enclavé. Cerné dans ses limites géographiques par les eaux, cette localité connaît un problème d’accès aux infrastructures sociales de base, à l’eau et à l’assainissement. … Continue reading

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UEMOA : La masse salariale du Burkina a dépassé la norme –

Burkina on a public employee spending spress? Selon la commission chargée des politiques économiques et de la fiscalité intérieure de l’Uemoa, la masse salariale du Burkina présente un taux de 48%, dépassant ainsi la norme Uemoa qui est de 35 … Continue reading

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Choices, choices: Radio campaign to reduce rural child mortality or public transport infrastructure for Ouagadougou

Two items of note popped up this week. First, an economic analysis of the cost-effectiveness of a mass radio campaign to encourage women’s use of health centers. Very cost effective, apparently. The direct program cost was $7,749,128 and it apparently … Continue reading

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Burkina Faso planned borrowing ($260 million): energy, agriculture, road in the east, and general budget support

From an article from Ecofin: Rosine Coulibaly, the Burkinabe minister of economy, has signed last Monday five financing agreements valued at CFA131 billion with technical and financial partners. These monies will be injected in the National Economic and Social Development … Continue reading

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Striking secondary school teachers in Burkina Faso are not grading… students may have to repeat a year

Au Burkina Faso, les élèves ont manifesté dans plusieurs villes du pays pour exiger des évaluations. Depuis des semaines, les enseignants ont déposé leurs stylos en signe de protestation, leurs revendications n’ayant pas été satisfaites.Dans plusieurs régions du Burkina Faso, … Continue reading

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Five Chinese to be tried for illegal mining in Ghana

It emerged during the court proceedings that the A-G had filed an affidavit in opposition to the bail application.  It pleaded with the court not to grant bail because the activities of the five Chinese contravened the Minerals and Mining … Continue reading

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Burkina Faso tries to raise revenue

$17m in new taxes on housing and imported vehicles, and raising taxes on beer and other beverages, and on lottery winnings. Il est attendu des mesures fiscales annoncées, qu’elles contribuent à l’augmentation des recettes fiscales. Globalement elles devraient contribuer à … Continue reading

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Who is killing the donkeys of West Africa for their skins?

The prices of donkey skins have soared.  Nobody is quite sure. But China seems to be the destination for the skins. A tulip market? Increased real as opposed to speculative demand? Aéroport international de Ouagadougou, début février 2016. Des dizaines … Continue reading

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Why are Burkinabè not democrats? Because of the IMF and World Bank, of course!

Vincent Bonnecase at CNRS reflects on the upcoming elections and transition to democracy in Burkina Faso.  Lots of interesting thoughts, but at the end I find a kind of reflexive “blame it all on structural adjustment” at the heart of … Continue reading

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Artisinal gold mining in Burkina Faso: Nice short report from Fanny Noaro

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Short video summary of my research on reading in Burkina Faso

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Burkina passes corruption law required for World Bank support

Burkina Faso’s interim parliament has approved an anti-corruption law, one of two pieces of legislation required by the World Bank before it will release $100 million in budget support.  The National Transitional Council (CNT), which was established after a popular … Continue reading

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Burkina Faso… Alizéta Ouédraogo lists her losses

Apparently, no sense of shame at all for never having questioned the legitimacy of the regime. “J’ai perdu deux tanneries avec un stock important de marchandises. Les machines ont été détruites par les flammes, les bâtiments ont été mis à … Continue reading

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Journalists: Please don’t repeat fallacy that #Burkina is poor = no growth under Compaoré #lwili

Burkina Faso is indeed really poor.  But it has been really poor for a long time.  And as a land-locked country in the Sahel, it will likely never be very rich.  The last 20 years have seen solid economy growth, … Continue reading

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How do néré and karité trees change sorghum yields in Burkina Faso?

A nice study reminding agricultural experts to be modest about what is known and unknown about complex cropping systems in West Africa. Parkia biglobosa and Vitellaria paradoxa are known to improve soil fertility and redistribute water under their crowns in … Continue reading

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Limited interest?!? Limited interest?!?!

Papers also get rejected because they are of limited interest.  Say, they focus on the marketing behavior of tomato-growing households in three villages in Burkina Faso. via BellemareHowtoPublish.pdf.

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Measuring local rainfall using cell phone networks… IV for mis-measured rainfall soon to be available!

I take objection, by the way, to burkinés … Sankara would be rolling in his grave… burkinabè please! Gracias a una colaboración con el operador burkinés Télécel Faso, los investigadores han podido tener acceso a valiosos datos sobre la atenuación … Continue reading

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Cyperus esculentus – ncɔkɔn … better than noabga

I picked up a little bag at random in the boutique by our house in Ouagadougou.  5 cents.  A nickel bag!  Absolutely delicious. The tubers are edible, with a slightly sweet, nutty flavour, compared to the more bitter-tasting tuber of … Continue reading

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In which I enter the coconut drink craze fray…

I think the craze is over even as news reports blow it way up, because if I am buying it because it is on sale for 99c at Grocery Outlet (pallets full of the stuff) and I am not liking … Continue reading

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New bednets on trial in Burkina Faso

In June 2014, the first clinical trial of a new type of bednet, Olyset® Duo produced by Sumitomo Chemical Company began in the Banfora region of Burkina Faso. This bednet contains two chemicals: a conventional pyrethroid insecticide to rapidly kill … Continue reading

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