Are there still people who confuse correlation with causation in 2013? Yes! Pleasure reading makes you better at math?

I love the “might”, “likely,” “makes sense”… why not, “it is also likely this is an expected correlation and has no implications for anything….”

Study author Dr Alice Sullivan said: “It may seem surprising that reading for pleasure would help to improve children’s maths scores.  “But it is likely that strong reading ability will enable children to absorb and understand new information and affect their attainment in all subjects.”  Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, she said: “It absolutely makes sense that you would expect reading for pleasure to improve children’s vocabularies.  “But I think that that also does improve children’s ability to take on new information and new concepts across the curriculum.  “A child who has a narrow vocabulary may constantly be coming across things they don’t understand.”

via BBC News – Maths advantage for pupils who read for pleasure.

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