Welcome to small ‘k’ Kafka hell, courtesy TIAA-CREF

Because this is what blogs are for, right?  The TIAA-CREF form for the Keogh electronic delivery (why exactly should I save them money? Did they reduce their service fees?) asks, towards the end, for this:  adopting employer as primary authorizer (print).  Let me read it again: adopting employer as primary authorizer (print)Is that me?  The university?  Not to worry.  Boldly printed just below: call us at the Administrator Telephone Center at 888 842 7782 for questions.  This is right after a warning that, should you try to save us money by filling out this form, but you do not fill it out completely, this will “delay processing”!  Well I called.  And… no answer?  What corporation has a telephone that… nobody answers?  A home, sure.  They are at work.  But a telephone number sent to hundreds of thousands of people… I’m the only one who called?  “Jerry!!! Phone’s ringing!!!! Aw, must be a wrong number, let it go…”  So now what do I do?  I mean, now that the blog entry is finished.

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