Una Familia Habanera by Eloisa Lezama Lima …

9780897298629Lezama Lima is someone who we discussed in hushed tones when I was in high school and college and la literature latinoamericana was VERY IMPORTANT.  I always thought most of the stuff I read was great fun. I loved Carpentier, Cortazar, Borges, Garcia Marquez, Rulfo etc.  I devoured it because it was really interesting.  But as time went on… Recently I picked up Lezama Lima’s Paradiso, and tried to read it… ugh… to many words… endless description…  for it to rain take three pages…   So I thought to myself, “Why not read about Lezama Lima instead, there has to be lots of juicy stuff…”  So I checked out his sister’s short reflection of life in La Habana …. but honestly, it is pretty boring, mostly chatty vignettes of family life and catty literary gossip.  Of interest to Lezama specialists or historians of the period.  So disappointed again.  Of course the black and white fotos add an allure of “when things were different” but… not enough.

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