Are you a liberal who reads the Republican talking point of disaster, and worries they might be right?

Well, don’t believe their baloney. I just went to Cover California, and in about 30 seconds I could see health insurance plans available for me.*  The premium plans for family of four costs about $1800 per month.  Expensive, but actually this is less than what my employer and I together currently pay.  So, the only conclusion I can draw as an economist: excellent that now anyone, no matter whether they have an employer, are self-employed, have a pre-existing condition… they can get very similar coverage to what I have.  They just have to earn enough to buy it.  And that’s what we want, right?  Your identity no longer matters, just your purchasing power.  So for people who don’t earn enough, as a society we can make the decision whether to subsidize them enough for the bronze plan…

I wonder if the Republicans will turn populist, and eliminate the union working class, professional class (me!) and middle-class tax-subsidy (where health insurance is pre-tax through employer) and use the proceeds to pay down the deficit and subsidize the bottom 40% of the population.  Woah, what rabbit hole did I go down there for a second.

*And you know what… think about it for a second.  Emusic regularly fails when I try to download a song for $.49.  Even the mighty itunes often fails.  Amazon… are you kidding… you can go in circles there.  And one of the main arguments against the healthcare exchanges is that insurers will collude… well guess where some of the examples of that collusion come from?!  Have you ever really tracked your frequent flyer miles?  Impossible on those “professional” websites.  I just spend 20 minutes trying to figure out why an ipad app just wouldn’t work.  All I’m saying: for-profit corporations have websites that have problems pretty regularly.

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  1. Bill says:

    The problem is not Covered California… strangely, we suddenly seem to have a functional state. The problem is the federal exchanges. Sadly, those glitches abet the Republicans’ desire to deprive America’s least advantaged from access to coverage… and they are self-inflicted wounds by a Democratic administration.

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