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I guess Trump team is consistent about one thing: They really would rather have coal than advanced 21st century batteries

James J. Greenberger, the executive director of NAATBatt International, a trade group for the advanced battery industry, said ARPA-E had been of enormous benefit to the industry. “We’re absolutely stunned by it,” Mr. Greenberger said of the agency’s potential elimination, … Continue reading

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Can students record me in class?

Turns out in many states there is only a “single party consent” needed to record a conversation, and so students could record me in class.  They are limited in what they can do, since the cannot “sell” my intellectual property. … Continue reading

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Awe-inspiring study from

People moved east to west, less so north to south. See how the differently colored clusters form distinct horizontal bands? The red, blue, purple, and green dots fan out from right to left. This pattern means DNA confirms the descendants … Continue reading

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Noujain Mustaffa is the right drop of bittersweet sunshine for a cloudy day

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More than 100,000 visas revoked due to travel ban

Amateur foreign policy indeed. Over 100,000 visas have been revoked as a result of President Trump’s ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, an attorney for the government revealed in Alexandria federal court Friday.The number came out during a … Continue reading

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New Zealand Is ‘the Future,’ Peter Thiel Said

Answered my question from yesterday, which country is “greater” than the United States  and so worthy of emulation?  Thiel has presumably communicated his choice to Trump. “I am happy to say categorically that I have found no other country that … Continue reading

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Trump and Navarro want to make the U.S. more like China… Why do we want to be poorer?

“More manufacturing.” “Without manufacturing we cannot be a great nation.”  So think about it.  The more like China the United States becomes, the more our average per capita income will drop to $5,000 per person (China’s), instead of $45,000 (ours … Continue reading

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