GiveDirectly program evaluation… rant!

Wow, you mean they give $1000 to poor people in Kenya and it really, really helps them!  Amazing!  All that time I was donating to dumb NGOs who didn’t do anything; I mean, they didn’t even evaluate rigorously what they were doing… I bet they weren’t doing anything. Just sitting on their asses.  Probably a bunch of dumb lazy liberals running those organizations, I bet.  Ripping us off.  Cripes, I feel had.  I definitely am only going to give to GiveDirectly from now on. Plus, my dollar will go further because Zuckie and the Gatester really like them. Together, we can eliminate poverty forever.  Yup, that’s my generation’s big challenge.  You old people had your challenges… but you didn’t really work very hard. I mean, maybe you worked hard. But not smart like us!  We figured out it was better to just give the money away.  And best thing is you don’t even have to take it by force from the rich people … they are happy to give it away, because all rich people now are smart like us. How do you think they got rich!?  They’re smart!  Took you long enough to figure it out Einstein.  They even got rich precisely so they could give it away. How cool is that.

What’s that? Little libraries in villages for kids to read.  Wait… you want me to donate so you can pay some village librarian to open the library?  Yeah right, I’m not a sucker.  How do I know the library is even open?  They’ll just take the money and waste it.  Bet they don’t even help their own village.  I’m not getting ripped off again.  Anyway, people in villages don’t even want to read.  Better to just give my money to randomly selected people in Kenya.  They proved that could work.

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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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