Putting it bluntly: Catholic universities and health care

I don’t follow the issue that closely, but this “open letter” to the president of Notre Dame University seems to me to be very provocative, in a “critical thinking” way…

Two highly respected and influential Catholic women, Catherine Kaveny and Margaret O’Brien Steinfels, have pointed out that the Catholic hierarchy’s litigation opposing mandated reproductive health care rights for women is clearly not about Vatican II’s teaching regarding religious freedom, nor the First Amendment’s religious freedom provisions. Nor is it about the merits of Catholic birth control doctrine. It’s about bishops’ attempts to enforce a role as the sole and infallible authority on Catholic doctrine. The U.S. bishops continue to attempt to link Catholic “identity” — what you must believe to be considered a Catholic— to discredited teachings that deal with matters far outside the bishops’ experience and understanding, matters like marriage, children and sexual ethics. If you support the health care legislation that the bishops fought, it’s not that you have sinned — you are simply not Catholic.

via Catholic contraception lawsuit: Notre Dame alumnus questions case.  HT: Stephen Diamond.

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