SCU student Jasmine Blaine (’11) experiences even more rural hospitality in Peru (I think that is where she is!)

In the morning Thursday, we woke up and the wife of the house made us an “aguatia.” Ok, this does not mean a small glass of juice, tea, or water; this means an entire huge meal. So we ate first breakfast and then walked over to Maria’s house to eat second breakfast. Both of our breakfasts were chicken with yucca, beans, rice, pineapple, and lemon water. Holy crap I thought I was going to explode. Again, we were very grateful to have eaten.I headed off the do some interviews and so did Emilio. We finished our interviews and lunch at 2 pm and headed back to Maria’s to collect out things. Well, upon arrival Maria had another lunch ready for us. We had to decline. She was really upset that we didn’t eat her soup, but we had just eaten a huge meal at our last interviews and had stomachaches.We packed up and made the hour plus walk back to the main town to meet with our group! It has been quite an adventure and just something you have to experience to understand all that goes on.

via Our First Survey Experience | From Colombia to the World Cup..Maybe.

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