Claudia Goldin on the “grand gender convergence”… basically about the U.S. but it is happening (slowly) in Africa too

The last chapter for full gender convergence, according to Goldin, is about reorganizing (private sector) flexibility and life-cycle job experience away from 24/7 type “all-in” jobs…. and she notes optimistically this is happening in many sectors.  But one sector where it is not happening (by anecdotal accounts) is the “coding” sector here in Silicon Valley, which is producing most of the wealth in my corner of the world… it still seems 100% all-in.

Lifetime job experience rose along with labor force participation. Years of education for women increased more than it did for men and it changed in content for secondary and college education toward more investment-oriented and fewer consumption-oriented courses and concentrations. Professional and graduate pro-gram enrollment increased for women so that about half of all law and medical enrollments today are women, and women lead men in fields such as the biological sciences, pharmacy, optometry, and veterinary medicine.Women, particularly college graduates, increased their desire to attain “career and family.” Hours of work for women increased in the market and decreased in the home relative to those of men. Female earnings rose relative to males in an era that saw women “swimming against the tide” of generally rising income inequality.

via A Grand Gender Convergence: Its Last Chapter – aer.104.4.1091.

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