Presi strikes back in a message to the Santa Clara University faculty

I guess if I were advising a university president, I would advise against treating faculty as short-sighted rabble-rousers… a staff member in my school had the funniest retort… “gee, I wasn’t aware that anything was being planned… maybe we should plan something now?”

While we work towards building a stronger Santa Clara, I am troubled that some members of our community are considering approaches that may be disruptive or destructive rather than constructive. I understand that some of the actions being contemplated include encouraging a work stoppage and conducting a “no-confidence vote” targeted at individual administrators or the entire Board of Trustees. I believe these and similar proposed actions are short-sighted and fraught with serious repercussions that could harm Santa Clara University for years to come.

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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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