Piketty fever… not much to say right now… except “I like poor people’s products”

Everybody is talking about it.  I made up my mind a long time ago.  When I have to make a choice, I prefer not to buy products where the profits go to people who are already very wealthy. It is as simple as that.  Sure, go ahead and ask me some silly question about whether it is a consistent approach to the world, or if it even makes sense.  Or if I even really do it.  I can take the criticism.

But it really does make a (OK probably small) difference in my choices, and if everyone did it…. why…. there wouldn’t be so much inequality.  The places you can start are extremely obvious: if you have to watch live sports, go to a high school game; if you have to buy a computer, don’t buy Apple (trust me… I’ve just finished interacting with 60 college students, and the ratio of Apple to PC of “I don’t know how this actually works” is like 2:1); if you have to eat at a restaurant, go to a local ethnic restaurant or some other small place; if you have to watch a movie or television, don’t ever pay for Michael Bay; if you have to buy clothing… go to Goodwill; and so on… you get the idea… the billionaires and plutocrats would really hate it if my frugal anti-.1% buying habits became very popular…

Now excuse me while I go cancel this WordPress blog and our Netflix streaming subscription.

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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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