The results are in: Faculty at SCU officially pissed off

From our Faculty Senate president:

Ballot Measure #1 asked faculty members to approve or disapprove of the following statement:

“The Trustees’ declaration that something as all-encompassing as identity and mission is outside of the shared governance system would break the rules, the culture and the meaning of shared governance at SCU. The issue of shared governance is independent of perspectives on abortion policy. If implemented, the Trustees’ declaration would be incompatible with a meaningful vision of shared governance going forward.”

Ballot Measure #2 asked faculty whether the Faculty Senate should ask for enhanced representation by faculty and staff on the Board of Trustees. The ballot measure stated:
“The Faculty Senate shall ask the Trustees to add some faculty (in addition to the President and the Rector of the Jesuit Community) and staff voices to the Board of Trustees, as was the case 25 years ago in the case of faculty.”

Measure #1 passed 70% to 30%, Measure #2 passed 80%-20%.

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