Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat

“Tribes are killing each other over water today,” Mr. Kerry said. “Think of what happens if you have massive dislocation, or the drying up of the waters of the Nile, of the major rivers in China and India. The intelligence community takes it seriously, and it’s translated into action.”

Of course, as Elechi Amadi knew quite well and wrote about so eloquently in his novel The Great Ponds, tribes were “killing” each other over water in precolonial Nigeria, too. Before climate change!  This seems like a great way to spend money on consultants… the world desperately needs reports about “what to do if the Nile dries up.”

via Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers –

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1 Response to Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat

  1. Simonzee1 says:

    Of course tensions around the globe have nothing to do with America’s foreign policy being a dogs breakfast of self interests and the C.I.A using U.S Aid as a front for political interference… Blame Climate Change!

    What a bunch of clowns…I think? On centre “circus” stage up steps Obama…Kerry and Biden.

    Someone tell them that the performance is already bad…with balls being dropped all the time in their juggling routines. At the same time they are asking for more balls to juggle.

    Obviously you have to have talent to be a clown. It looks like I was wrong about them being clowns.

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