The way they live now: Artists reap the rewards of vast wealth inequality with meals cooked by personal chefs, making others feel guilty they have to eat at their computers

But I was reassured, because for all the pretension, one of the artists drops his guard… personal chef creates meal, guests come by… but it all only lasts 30 minutes, then the capitalist tractor engine is revved up again for more plowing.  Moreover, the purpose of the meal is to get the underlings to work more.

Fischer met Stone four years ago through his dealer Gavin Brown, for whom she still cooks postopening dinners. “There’s this moment where, no matter what you do at the studio, you sit down for half an hour, talk and relax and share food, and nobody is worried about anything else that is going on,” Stone says. “It creates a nice energy and gives people this family feeling that makes them work better.”

via The Art of Eating.

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