Wowie Zowie

On the NPR puzzle show with Will Shortz this morning, the last question (usually the hardest) had as answer “wowie zowie” upon which the NPR host (forget her name) asked, rhetorically, when was the last time anyone heard the expression wowie zowie to which I joyously, shouted out, to no one in particular: “Last night!”  Because my colleague Alex Field had his ipod playing in his car as we were driving back from Yosemite after a couple long hikes, and one of the albums played was The Mothers of Invention (i.e. Frank Zappa) and Wowie Zowie was the one song I thought was pretty decent.  (Shockingly, dear reader, I had never actually heard what I am sure some sub-cult of true believers calls MOI before.)  So, here’s to obscure forgotten phrases. [Correction: I was just listening, not actually on the show, which would have been fun!]

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