I love working at Santa Clara University

Have you published 25 books? Been an editor at Forbes ASAP? Demonstrated expertise in both microprocessing and water conservation? Better yet, is your name Michael S. Malone? Good news: You’re eligible to apply to a quarterly adjunct-lecturer position in Santa Clara University’s department of English.If you think this sounds a little off, you’re not alone. The academic Twittersphere was buzzing today after an oddly-specific job advertisement began making the rounds online. It has now been deleted from the university’s Web site, but it lives on at HigherEdJobs.com.The listing details an adjunct gig that involves teaching between one and four courses, “spread over one to three quarters,” at a rate of $6,000 per course. “The primary responsibility,” it goes on to say, “will be to teach nonfiction writing to undergraduates and to help arrange internships for students in a variety of media.”

via University Seeks Hire With Exact Same Credentials as Mike Malone | Vitae.

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