Surreal Wednesday: “Holy Motor” by Leon Carax and Louise Erdrich’s “The Big Cat”

Skimmed through Holy Motor by Leon Carax (you can stream on Netflix).  Intelligent, beautifully acted.  When I was 25 I would have been very impressed.  Watching it at home, on a computer screen (Carax shudders), stopping to make Elliot two hot dogs… well, not the same impact.  And surrealism… once you see Bunuel, Cocteau and all the others… well it starts coming across as awfully pretentious…. Still a really interesting movie.

Later in evening I finally read in The New Yorker, of past March, Louise Erdrich’s “The Big Cat.”  I don’t feel bad about being baffled and bewildered because for the first time ever when I turned to Mookse there was… nothing.  Evidently the story stumped them too.  Sure, a lot of emotional depth is packed into a few pages.  But what is the story about?

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