Wussy: Attica!

Tomorrow night at the Blank Club in San Jose… I have to teach until 9:30pm… hope I don’t miss their set .. waah 😦

I liked this review (via Wussy: Attica! | Album Reviews | Pitchfork) of their new album, especially the Smother’s Brothers reference, which you can see on Youtube.  Of course knowing that the band members were toddlers (or not even born in Lisa Walker’s case!?) when The Who did the show adds a distinct post-modern irony

Walker pays homage to the Who in first track “Teenage Wasteland”, a pop song that rivals its namesake. She references “Baba O’Riley” and the band’s legendarily explosive Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour performance “When the kick of the drum went off like artillery fire”, but it’s less about classic-rock head nods and double entendres and more about capturing what it’s like to be a kid and finding a band you connect with on the deepest level imaginable. “Do you remember the moment you finally did something about it? When the kick of the drum lined up with the beat of your heart?” Walker asks at the top of the song. Then, at the end of the song—sounding as if she can’t contain the exhilaration—she describes the feeling in more detail: “For one short breath it sounds like the world is ending, exploding in space and beginning again so far away.” It’s the moment that turns suffering into transcendence because someone else feels the way you do, and that person felt compelled to translate it into music. I’d argue that’s what we’re looking for most of the time when we listen to music—that band or album or song or even a few notes that make us marvel and proclaim, like Walker does, “Your misery sounds so much like ours.” At Wussy’s best—and Attica! is pretty close to that—they’re capable of doing for us what Pete and Roger and Keith and John did for them.


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