Bitter Bread of Exile – Sir Edward Mutesa II

mutesaAt the African Studies Association meetings last November, I picked up a copy of Bitter Bread of Exile – Sir Edward Mutesa II by A.B.K. Kasozi.  It was not until the next day that I realized that the Kasozi writing the book was the Kasozi I knew, via my colleague Kate Parry of FAVL (her husband!).  It is a fascinating collection of short essays/chapters on various aspects of Mutesa’s exile in England, until his death, and also dealing with the burial question.  I know almost nothing about Uganda, so everything was new and interesting.  As Kasozi writes, the book is hopefully an invitation for lots more research on this period.  Too much of history of early post-independence Africa (and even contemporary Africa) is being lost: records were deliberately not kept, lies were propagated, evidence destroyed.  One can think of innumerable episodes.  I hope younger generations are inspired.

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