Great article by Liberian journalist Rodeny Sieh on Ebola etc.

In setting up her task force to deal with the Ebola threat, President Sirleaf says: “We must come together as never before despite of our political, religious and social persuasions, we must show a deep sense of nationalism. We must reach across borders and join our brothers and sisters in other neighboring countries that are affected to ensure continuing common response.” Upon the declaration of Ebola as a National Emergency, the task force headed by President Sirleaf, has announced the closure of all border entry points.”I hope that this time, the president means it, I hope this time eye-servant Cabinet ministers and government officials, notorious for waiting for the President to move before they move will take this Ebola madness more serious than they have. While the setting up of a task force and late measures to curb Ebola is commendable, the president must take steps and action to dismiss someone over the poor handling of this, particularly, whoever was responsible for not quarantining Patrick Sawyer and whoever allowed him to leave Liberia.

via FrontPageAfrica – Letter From Lagos: Wish Liberia Had Done This Much to Curb Ebola.

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