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Understatement of the year, but so true: Supervision matters for effective public services

This is obvious and true, but well worth the experiment because it has to be reinforced over and over again for NGOs and government: We conclude that sustained supervision is crucial for achieving persistent improvements in contexts where the lack … Continue reading

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The AfLIA Leadership Academy – Call for Applications

AfLIA is collaborating with the Public Library Association of the USA (PLA) to establish the AfLIA Leadership Academy aimed at: Building the knowledge, skills and confidence of library leaders to act in innovative and creative ways in meeting community needs … Continue reading

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Great commentary by Hamidou Anne about Macron comments #Africa #France

And a chance to look up the word élucubrations! Frères Africains, consacrons notre énergie à ce qui en vaut la peine ! Si les élucubrations d’un enfant gâté de la République nous font autant sortir de nos gonds, c’est nous … Continue reading

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Great article about development of public infrastructure in Upper East, Ghana

Only in this region will you find a ‘shifting’ airport site. What was supposed to be an airport started at Paga, Ghana’s border town near Burkina Faso, only as an airstrip. And it was in uninterrupted use until Burkina Faso … Continue reading

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Bikes for girls really good, laptops for kids “meh”: latest economic development research in AEJ-Applied

From American Economic Journal: Applied Economics Vol. 9 No. 3 July 2017 (11) Technology and Child Development: Evidence from the One Laptop per Child Program Julian Cristia, Pablo Ibarrarán, Santiago Cueto, Ana Santiago and Eugenio Severín This paper presents results … Continue reading

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DCE William Baah now basically being blamed for death of Captain Mahama

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New photos books for Burkina Faso libraries published in fastpencil

I am so proud of our team in Burkina Faso, especially Sanou Dounko, Guy Roland Hema and Alidou Boué, who have been creating photo books for printing and distribution to the Burkina Faso libraries.  Interns Beth Borowsky and Maria Haddad … Continue reading

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