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Dramatic story of struggling to make do in Puerto Rico… slightly undermined

It is a great story and dramatic photo, residents of Charco Abajo (“the puddle underneath”) whose bridge washed away, using a supermarket cart and pulley system to get stuff more easily across the river.  But wait, what is that in … Continue reading

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Productivity growth during WWII in the United States, Alex Field version

My colleague Alex Field presented a working paper on productivity growth legacy of WWII.  Robert Gordon has argued that war production led to huge learning by doing that carried over into manufacturing.  Alex strongly disagrees, amassing lots of data suggesting … Continue reading

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Measuring attitudes towards gender norms, pilot results from Save the Children

In Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire, data on gender attitudes have been used as a discussion point with community members who have volunteered to be Gender Champions – leading their communities in identifying gender disparities and developing their own strategies … Continue reading

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The perfect graph for every undergraduate statistics class, from Financial Times

I object to usage of “trend” to indicate “relationship” (for me “trend” implies over time) but that is just a quibble.  Perfect illustration of importance of visualizing data. PS. Doug Campbell reminded me of importance of a title for the … Continue reading

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Interesting rhetoric from Rising Academies (part of the private school movement in developing countries), on the WDR2018 report

From Paul Skidmore of Rising Academies: The report strikes a surprisingly cautious note on the potential contribution of private schools. Surprising in part because I had been reliably informed that the World Bank was secretly a vast conspiracy to push … Continue reading

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Should you read the 2018 World Development Report? Not if you care about libraries and reading books (fiction and picture books)

Public and school libraries and reading books (fiction and picture books) get not a single mention in the 200 page WDR report that proclaims it is “the first ever devoted entirely to education.” The report is full of analysis of … Continue reading

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Where to donate to for Puerto Rico? Center for a New Economy

An institution on the island I respect a lot is the Center for a New Economy, and right after the hurricane they set up a relief fund. I think they will be very wise stewards of donated money. One can … Continue reading

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