Life experience and ebola

I was struck by this quote:

Ms. Monaco and other administration officials said the government has been planning for months for the possibility that the virus might be brought to the United States by someone from Africa.

And yet somehow, the fact that someone (a real, live person) has to cleanup a home after an ebola victim goes to hospital never made it to the planning agenda.  At least, that is what news stories out of Dallas suggest: there was no Federal planning, apparently, to figure out in advance who would actually clean up the vomit, diarrhea, sweat in the room and bathroom where Duncan presumably suffered until finally heading back to hospital.

Maybe that is what happens, is my mean-spirited two-cent sociological thinking, when public officials are all ambitious, childless,  parents-in-nursing-homes, West Wing types.  They don’t know about changing and disposing of diapers (child and adult), they don’t understand why people want to die at home, and why family wants to care care of someone dying… and all that.  Depressing.

via White House Says United States Is Prepared to Stop Spread of Ebola –

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