If I were a journalist in #Burkina who would I try to interview other than the top bigwigs….

  • Sams K’Jah who supposedly is camped out at Ronde Point Nations Unis or Place de la Nation.
  • Arsene Bognessan Ye – He was brought back by Compaoré to manage the whole political transition after 2011… he botched it, in retrospect. Where are his loyalties now?
  • Augustin Loada – At Univ. of Ouagadougou, the top political scientist for Burkina Faso.
  • Sylvestre Ouedraogo – Also at Univ. of Ouagadougou, economist and civic activist.
  • Magloire Somé- also at Univ. of Ouagadougou, historian and a leader of one of the university syndicates
  • Alizeta Ouedraogo – Burkina Faso’s richest woman, daughter married to Francois Compaoré.  With great wealth comes great responsibility. To go on the record.
  • Maitre Pacere Titinga – well-connected to the traditional elite of Mossi society, and influential before in the legal environment.  Pretty old now, but will have some interesting perspectives probably.
  • Vincent Ouattara – at Univ. of Koudougou – a trenchant critic of Compaoré wrote the book about all the political killings in Burkina Faso 1980-2010.

And for ordinary people’s views I would go out to Saaba, out to Nongremasson, out to Pissy, and see what was happening there.

Of course, this is out of anybody’s hands now, because when the army guys decide they are going to sort something out the rest does not really matter, does it?

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