Beautiful Darkness by Kerascoët’s and Fabien Vehlmann

This was on many lists of best graphic novel of 2014, so I ordered it for Christmas present for Sukie.  Very disturbing, but we had an intense discussion of what it “meant” where I got to be like a middle-school teacher and “scaffold” into deeper meanings, or even the “meaning” of a “lack of meaning.”  It is this: transistor radio:ipod::BD:Grimm fairy tale.  I can’t believe structuralist anthropologists used to waste time writing things like that!  But they did.  Anyway, it is a traditional folk/fairy tale, full of the random eating of children and shedding of skin and arbitrary death that old tales had (I once read all the collections of Sudanese folk tales available, so I do know what I am talking about, not just blathering).  At the same time an all-infusing spirit of wonder, nostalgia, innocence and hope, with a background of admiration for the authors/illustrators for conceiving and then bringing into being the work.  Not for everyone… so ask your local librarians to get it for you before ordering your own copy.  Here is the link to Beautiful Darkness by Kerascoët’s and Fabien Vehlmann.

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