Listening to Sebastian Barry read James Joyce’s story Eveline

I was out for a long run yesterday on San Jose’s wonderful Guadalupe Park… well maybe not so wonderful but a nice place to run very convenient to our house. Half of the run is alongside the airport, and you do wonder what you are inhaling. Anyway while running I listened to Sebastian Barry read James Joyce’s story Eveline, produced by The Guardian’s short fiction podcast.  Barry tended to “shout” the story out, so I was not so impressed.  Or maybe it was Joyce’s story itself, which seemed very humdrum.  Perhaps at the time it was very innovative in form, but it is hard to see that now.  Certainly the chains of family and place continue to bind.  But relentless storytelling on television and movies and 100 years, since Dubliners, of stories make Eveline read like a soap opera cliché rather than the profound insight that it may have been in 1914.

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