IFLA Day # 4

Started to morning bright and early at 8am with colleagues at the Section for Children and Young Adults.  The chair of the IFLA section was passed from Viviana Quinones to Ingrid Bon.  Ingrid turned straight to me: What about this satellite meeting in San Jose.  Yes, get ready, IFLA invades San Jose and Santa Clara in a joint SJSU-SCU satellite workshop on youth and reading and the transition to a digital culture.  August 11.  Mark the date.  A call for papers will come out soon.

The section meeting continued with lots of other issues.   We are going to organize an off-site panel in the meetings in Columbus, Ohio, probably Wednesday August 17.  Brooklyn librarian Karen Keyes and I were tasked with organizing that, and it was so easy.  I just walked down to the exhibition hall and there was Wendy Ramsey, Team Leader in the Outreach Services division at the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the CEO, Pat Losinski, and they both readily agreed.

After the section meeting, went to a Literacy and Reading section panel, to hear Air Katz of Beyond Access talk about their new training manual for librarians, and Chiristine Nel talk about reading competitions at the libraries she manages in Greater Tzaneen Municipality in northern South Africa.  At Christine’s, and a bunch of other talks, it was always like, “Wow, we should try that at FAVL!” and that is the benefit of IFLA.

After that I played hooky and went for a long walk.  I had seen a small restaurant called Bread, Milk and Honey, and was intrigued.  They offered a lunch buffet.  It was delicious, and moreover a wonderful, fully integrated (well, for upper-class Capetonians, it seemed), very lively café.  Great ambiance of professional urban Cape Town downtown at midday.  Then I walk around the Company Gardens, all the way up to the Jewish Museum.  After viewing the interesting exhibit (and later I had to Wikipedia Barney Barnato, amazing!), I spent an hour in their lovely café. Riteve, named after a town in Lithuania.  I continued my walk, through Company Garden’s.  Table Mountain in the background, a cool crisp Fallish day.  Happened upon a delightful café tucked into the gardens, full of wicker sculptures that children could climb into and around.  Decided to have an early (and quite delicious) dinner there.

And then I went back to hotel, worked for awhile, and went to bed!  Dutch Manor Inn is really a very nice hotel.

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