Photographs of me from college

Thinking about today’s selfie generation.  There are very few of me at college until the final semester of senior year and the summer that followed.  I actually do not think I have ever seen a photo of myself during the first three years of college, except when I visited my family for Christmas, or a trip to New York in 1980 when someone had a camera.  Not a single photo as far as I know of myself in a dorm room.  No, Mapplethorpe did not approach me, ever.  No photos of me standing outside the PiL show at Rosegarden Ballroom in 1982.  (But I know I was there because I got Martyn Atkins to sign something which is in a scrapbook somewhere and I asked him a question but was mixed up and he said, “No! you mean Martin Hannett!  I’m not him!”)  Or with Chip at the PiL show at University of Maryland a few months later.  So what?  Well, all of the memories exist in my brain.  I’m OK with that.

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