Yes I agree with my colleague’s assessment of Trump

A bad egg. From Bill Sundstrom’s Blog:

Based on his words and behavior as a candidate, if Trump were a kid in my son’s seventh-grade class, he’d be the kid my son would have to send (repeatedly) to the office for being a disruptive brat or bully… not to mention a failing student and a bigot. But is it all an act? I’ve wavered between two alternative theories of Trump. (1) He really is that way, in which case we would be better off with the median American seventh grader as our next president. (2) He is a talented if unpleasant showman, and this is the show he is putting on, because he has figured out that he can win the nomination by appealing to people who for some reason want a badly behaved 7th-grade boy as their president. Despicable, and bad for our country, either way. I had been subscribing to theory (2) until I read the transcript of Trump’s interview with the Washington Post editorial board. I recommend this to any and all citizens. Trump is so alarmingly and convincingly incoherent, I find it difficult to believe that he is having us on. He’s not just despicable, but pathological and downright scary. I wish I had more confidence in HC. A lot could be riding on her success.

I have also read through The New York Times interview, and now there are two separate credible sources about the man being quite superficial in his thinking.  He talks as if his words do not matter.  He talks as if repetition of generalities was actual communication of ideas.

You know if you look at the number of jobs that we’ve lost, it’s millions of jobs. It’s not a little bit, it’s millions. And if you look at our phony numbers of 5 percent unemployment, even opponents would say that, and would agree to that fact that the jobs that we have are bad jobs. They’re not good jobs, they’re bad jobs. We’re losing, you know, when you see a Carrier move into Mexico, those are good jobs. We’re losing the good jobs. We now have a lot of bad jobs, we have a lot of part-time jobs. It’s not the same country. We’re losing our companies.


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