Humans, on Amazon Prime, is the smartest science fiction series in a long time

I strongly recommend Humans.  Imagine Never Let Me Go made as a TV series.  The synths are complex, their interactions amongst themselves and with humans are complex, the human families are complex.  This is not one of those ridiculous sci-fi dramas (you know: interplanetary intrigue for control of “the spice” threatens to destroy everything, but a hidden princess/prince might, just might, rise to her/his destiny… if only the dark one doesn’t get there first).  The themes are extremely adult.

The obligatory chase scenes and plot twists are done professionally and take a back seat to character development.  Every episode ends with a little cliffhanger.  John Hurt is wonderful and gets some fantastic lines.  At first many characters are annoying.  Because they actually are.  The show doesn’t make it easy on the viewer.  Great writing.  Sukie and I have been watching it one episode per day.  Don’t waste it by binging.  Anticipating, savoring, regretting not being able to move on immediately to the next episode… reinforce the quality.

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