Fairly recent viewing on Netflix

Look Who’s Back – Excellent first hour, as Hitler suddenly reappears in contemporary Germany.  It grinds on as commentary on the media.

Victoria – Two hour film, all one take, of a robbery gone awry. Technically it is wonderful to watch.  Grinds on as conventional Breathless….

Hinterland – Moody police procedural.  Let me go lock my windows before one of the many dozen serial killers who roam TV land attacks me.

About Elly – Awesome Iranian movie about a group of friends who rent a seaside villa for a short holiday.  It goes awry.  Never grinds on.  Beautiful movie-making.

To the End of the World – You need a period drama fix?  This overlooked gem does excellently through three long episodes and only fails at the very very end.  Benedict Cumberbatch or whatever his name is leads an excellent cast in the confined quarters of a ship making its way to Australia.

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