Wasting time getting ready for class: Powerpoint tip

Someday you might use this:
I have two text boxes that I would like to appear repeatedly on a PowerPoint slide. For example I want box one to appear for five seconds, then box two, then box one again, box two, etc. This needs to appear on each slide in the presentation so I can’t set it up with each box on a separate slide and then repeat the show.
If the background is not a problem, here’s how I got it to work.
– Make two boxes (or objects) next to each other.
– Duplicate the box on the right and cover the box on the left with the duplicate. Make the duplicate  look like the background if necessary as this is just your cover for the box on the left.
– Group the cover box and the right box.
– Add an Emphasis animation: Blink, to the group.
– Under timing, set duration to 5 seconds, and set repeat  to: Until end of slide.
Now when you run the show, one will appear to go away while the other remains, alternately until you advance the slide. Copy and paste the objects to the next slide to repeat, or put the objects on your master. Replicating the background with the cover may present a problem, but should work on a flat color.
Nice.  For a text box duration = 15 seconds better.  Finding the emphasis animation timing options is not obvious, but eventually you will figure out which menu options to choose.

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